Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How to Make Money Online with Your Own Niche or Local Directory

One of  favorite ways to make money online is with niche or local directories. It’s a great way earn recurring income without much effort.

Before I go any further, let me explain the difference between a niche directory versus a local directory. A niche directory offers items to people within a certain niche or interest group. The owner makes money from business owners who pay to advertise their products to buyers who all share a love or enthusiasm for a certain topic or niche.

Here’s an example, my youngest sister loves those little dogs called Yorkies. She wants to get one soon so I’ve been online doing some research so I could learn a little about this breed of dog before my sister turns it lose in my house. In my search I came across a site called JustYorkies.com .

You can see how well targeted this site is to people who love Yorkies like my sister. JustYorkies.com offers tons of great looking Yorkie accessories that melt the owners hearts and makes them hand over the cash with no questions asked!

Niche directories are what you call a win-win-win situation. They are very popular for three fundamental reasons. Number one, consumers like them because it’s an easy way to find products or services that cater to their interests. Number two, advertisers love them because they deliver targeted customers right to their door so to speak with credit cards in hand. Number three, the directory owner loves them because they make easy money month after month.

Another spin on this same basic idea is to create a directory for professionals in the same industry. Some of the niches that you might consider may include real estate agents, insurance agents, health and beauty professionals, wedding vendors, etc. You can offer free or low cost advertising to get these small business owners to get a listing on your directory.

Don’t worry about not making much on the ad rate. The truth is that your main objective is to build a list of targeted customers. Then you can send ongoing affiliate offers to the business owners on your list/directory. Just be sure not to overload them with meaningless advertising and send them good quality information that will help them build their own businesses. When they see how you’re truly helping them by giving valuable information they’ll be much more likely to buy from you each month and to renew or upgrade their ads on your directory.

A third way to make money with directories is to create a local directory that caters to people in your local geographic area.

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